[ECOS] Facing problem in ecos network stack

Arun aruns_r@yahoo.com
Wed May 28 16:41:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

We are using eCOS on a custom board designed
internally. The board has a ARM7 processor running at
66 Mhz.

Presently we are testing the IP stack with our
driver.For one our tests we stream around 150K of UDP
packets( each UDP packet is sent as one 20K chunk ).
We hv observed that the IP stack drops quite a few
packets. The number of packets dropped increase if we
increase the UDP packet size . We notice that the
packets seem to be correct as indicated by the
'ipstat'structure. We hv also noticed that for UDP
packet sizes greater than 20K , the IP stack forwards
either 1 UDP packet worth of data or a max of 40K

We hv ensured and noticed that the ethernet driver is 
receiving all the packets correctly and is passing
them onto to the ip layer. 

Pls suggest

Thanks in advance

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