[ECOS] mips IDT334 help

Avinash S. avinash.s@inspiretech.com
Wed May 28 09:43:00 GMT 2003

I am trying to port ecos to an IDT334 based custom board. I am using the
latest ecos version 2.01 and the mipisa-elf- gnutools that came with the
download. At first I complied the template with only the kernel. I
convereted the tests images to srec using the tool chain objcopy . I am
using a custom-built rom on the board and i have set the "work with rom
monitor" as generic. my startup type is RAM at an address 80200000 with
.text at 80200398. Initially the program was hanging in
cyg_hal_invoke_constructors in the file vectors.S. however on commenting
the function I managed to get the test program "basic" to run on the board
and it displayed the PASS for the functions that it invoked. I was even
able to run tests cache and context and bin_sem0. However all other test
programs fail to run and they hang at the function
CYGACC_COMM_IF_PUTC(*__chan, c);
with no output whatsoever.

After this initial testing i tried to test the "basic" program with the
template complied with net. this however gave me no output and the program
hung at the above said function.

can anyone tell me where exactly is the problem and how do i get around
solving it.

Thanks in Advance


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