[ECOS] R: [ECOS] Thread identification

Michele Portolan michele.Portolan@imag.fr
Tue May 27 12:58:00 GMT 2003

I'm conducting a study on fault tolerance, so I need to know which thread
had been interrupted to try to recover the error.
Does cyg_thread_self works also inside an exception?

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> "Michele Portolan" <michele.Portolan@imag.fr> writes:
> > Is it possible from an ISR to understand which thread was running when
> > interruption occurred?
> >
> You can probably call cyg_thread_self(). But why would you want to do
> this? The current thread has absolutely nothing to do with any
> interrupt. Any interrupt code that changes its behaviour depending on
> the thread it interrupts is, almost by definition, poorly designed and
> prone to bugs.
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