[ECOS] Linkerscript -- C++ new/delete functions requirement

David Marqvar (DAM) DAM@tt.dk
Tue May 27 12:54:00 GMT 2003


I am currently creating a little patch (fix IMHO) that makes it
configureable from configtool if the new/delete functions should be taken
from libsupc++.a or be provided directly in eCos.
This is to allow us (and others) to avoid the need for C++ libraries in eCos
since we currently will not allow the use of these in our code, and
therefore don't like the idea of having them available at all.

To check if the C++ library should be used I need to have a macro available
in the linker script...

Currently I've only tested with synth.ld, and I'm wondering why the 
#include <pkgconf/system.h>
is not placed in the top of the "master" linker script file (e.g. synth.ld)
- if it is moved up there I can just define the needed macro in system.h ...

Is there any not-so-obvious reason to this - maybe something that only exist
for a different target?

Further more the EXTRAS could just be defined in a standard manner with a
more conventional name, not by the current "hack":
$(CC) -E -P -Wp,-MD,target.tmp -DEXTRAS=1 -xc $(INCLUDE_PATH) $(CFLAGS) -o
$@ $<

Can someone please comment on this?

/David Marqvar
Thrane & Thrane

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