[ECOS] program redboot rom image to flash.

Ryle_Liu@dlink.com.cn Ryle_Liu@dlink.com.cn
Tue May 27 09:31:00 GMT 2003

Hello all,

My target is ARM946E-S CPU, 2 4Mx16 SDRAM(NT5SV4M16DT-7K), 1M
Flash(AM29LV800BB-90EC).I built a redboot_ROM.bin according to "Rebuilding
RedBoot using ecosconfig" as follows:
$ mkdir redboot_ROM
$ cd redboot_ROM
$ ecosconfig new pid redboot
$ ecosconfig import
$ make
and I find 'redboot.bin' at install/bin directory, its size is 73572. but,
the flash sector size is 64k. so I can't program redboot.bin to flash boot
sector. I don't know how to resolve this problem. anyone know that? please
tell me.

another is, the ecosconfig build the default ecos.ecc project file, and
it's default cpu is arm7,do i need to change it to arm9? it seems that
ecos.ecc have not pid serial driver, can it working?

I download a redboot_ROM.img from webpage, can i program it to flash



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