[ECOS] RedBoot load problem

Martin Schoeberl martin.schoeberl@chello.at
Thu May 22 12:01:00 GMT 2003

> On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 09:47, Martin Schoeberl wrote:
> > I'm using an old 486 notebook for first tests. I've installed the eCos
> > version from the book 'Embedded Software Dev. w. eCos'. Everything works
> > fine till the download of the first example via Hyperterminal. The
> > starts but after about 20KB it stops and host and traget run into
> >
> > Martin
> I found that I needed to apply this patch to get serial downloads to
> work in any useful way on my i386 target boards. I'm not sure why they
> were disabled (I think someone told me but I can't remember that long
> ago), but everything works fine for me with them turned on.
> Ian.

The problem has changed: I enabled 'Validate RAM addresses duringload' for
RedBoot and got the message:
*** Abort! Attempt to load S-record to address: 0x00108000, which is not in

version shows:
RAM: 0x00000000-0x000a0000, 0x0008ab30-0x000a0000 available

But the pc has 24MB of ram. How can I change this that RedBoot recognizes
ram above 0x100000.


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