[ECOS] running twothreads problem

Aaron Richardson aarichar@cisco.com
Wed May 21 21:16:00 GMT 2003

Ok.  I am able to build, load, and run an ecos application.  The hello world 
application is running just fine.  However, when I run the twothreads program 
the code gets locked up.  I get the following on the console:

Entering twothreads' cyg_user_start() function
Beginning execution; thread data is 0
Beginning execution; thread data is 1

I turned on tracing and it doesnt ever come back from idle_thread_main.

Also I was able to get some tests running (although not all compile) and 
several of the first few failed.  Perhaps this points to the same problem?  
Here are the tests that failed.

clock1(never finishes)
clocktruth(never finishes)


Aaron Richardson

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