[ECOS] problem building application

Eric de Jong list_ericdejong_10@gmx.net
Tue May 20 06:59:00 GMT 2003

>> address 0xc4000040 of a.out section .rom_vectors is not within region ram

Well, address 0xc4000040 is indeed not within your RAM region. Check the
target.ld file which is generated by the config tool, and see what is wrong
there. The ram.ldi and ram.h files are nothing more than templates to generate
the target.ldi file. Edit the target.ld file to fiddle around, e.g. to put
.rom_vectors back in ram put the line
before the line with .rom_vectors. (.vectors / .fixed_vectors?)
you can find more information about linker scripts with "info ld"

Eric de Jong

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From: "Aaron Richardson"
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 10:35 PM
Subject: [ECOS] problem building application

So I got redboot mostly working on the ixp2400.  But now I am running into a
problem trying to build the hello world application.  I get errors like this
from the linker (for all the sections):

address 0xc4000040 of a.out section .rom_vectors is not within region ram

I had to create the ram.ldi and ram.h files.  All I had was the romram files
to work from.

Any idea on why I would get this?  I have attached the mlt files...

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