[ECOS] build problems for redboot for pc target

Gary D. Thomas gary.thomas@mind.be
Mon May 19 20:47:00 GMT 2003

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On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 14:41, Sivakamesh Thota wrote:
> hi,
> thank you for your immediate response. I am using configtool. I did follow 
> what you had said, like selecting redboot template for pc target. and 
> imported the redboot_FLOPPY.ecm from ../pc/misc directory. I set the paths 
> for build tools and set the correct repository path. In first place I did 
> not understand what my error actually trying to say. any help would be 
> appreciated.

The error message you received implied that your configuration included
the "kernel" package.  This does not happen if you specify the "redboot"
template.  n.b. you need to specify the "redboot" template at the same
time as you select the target hardware.

Gary D. Thomas <gary.thomas@mind.be>

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