[ECOS] ARM - RAM region at other address than 0

Backhaus Willy w.backhaus@newage-avkseg.com
Mon May 19 13:22:00 GMT 2003


we have an board with an ARM7TDMI (Texas Instruments - TMS320VC5471) core
where the ROM (flash) starts at address 0 and RAM (actually SDRAM) beginns
at address 0x10000000. this mapping can't be changed. I saw in vectors.s
(for ARM) that, it is presumed that the RAM region always starts at address
0. some of the exception vectors are copied from the __exception_vectors
label to address 0 + offset.

to port eCos, do I have to change vectors.s to copy the __exception_handlers
to other address than 0? or it's possible to obtain this with a processor
specific HAL?

thank you.


Backhaus Willy

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