[ECOS] i386 affects IRQ lines?

Bob Holmberg bob_holmberg@yahoo.com
Fri May 16 17:37:00 GMT 2003


Thanks for the response.  I've got it working now!
Here's what I found out (I'm using C++):
Depending on your configuration, eCos creates
a dummy main() even when you are using 
cyg_user_start() and don't need main().
My code that controlled the interrupt source
was in a class that I created as a static object
in my thread.  The guys at Alliant (they're in the
same building with me) pointed out that the 
destructors of all static objects are called
when main() exits.  So my destructor was being
(secretly to me) called and this stopped the

I've changed my configuration to not use a main().
No more static objects in my code either.  It's 
subtle stuff for this Mech. E. but probably more
obvious to others.

Thanks for the info on PIC's I'll save that for when
things get wierd in the future.  I'll know where to
start reseaching.

Bob H

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