[ECOS] How do I run applications from flash?

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Fri May 16 09:36:00 GMT 2003

Øyvind Harboe <oyvind.harboe@zylin.com> writes:

> > It should in theory just be a change of startup type from RAM to ROM
> > for the application. Something that most people do in the configtool.
> > There shouldn't be any real need for a flashapp.ecm file in the
> > repository.
> > 
> > You're right, however, that there doesn't appear to be any clear
> > explanation of how the startup types are used.
> I'm still a bit confused. 
> Can I use redboot_ROM.ecm for my application? 
> i.e.
> ecosconfig new eb40a default
> ecosconfig import ...../hal/arm/at91/eb40/misc/redhat_ROM.ecm
> ecosconfig tree
> make
> voila! I can now create application images that I can upload via
> my recently installed Redboot. 

No you cannot do this. redboot_ROM.ecm also changes other things that
you might not want changed in a non-redboot application. If you want
to use an import file to make a ROM application, then one containing
just the following is all you need:

cdl_savefile_version 1;
cdl_savefile_command cdl_savefile_version {};
cdl_savefile_command cdl_savefile_command {};
cdl_savefile_command cdl_configuration { description hardware template package };
cdl_savefile_command cdl_package { value_source user_value wizard_value inferred_value };
cdl_savefile_command cdl_component { value_source user_value wizard_value inferred_value };
cdl_savefile_command cdl_option { value_source user_value wizard_value inferred_value };
cdl_savefile_command cdl_interface { value_source user_value wizard_value inferred_value };

cdl_option CYG_HAL_STARTUP {
        user_value ROM

This is my own rom.cfg file that I use for this purpose.

> Or...
> Recap of my goals below:
> - I want Redboot in flash. The user never upgrades Redboot. I believe
> I have correctly configured and built Redboot. Worked when I tried
> the ram version last week. (I'll test more next week.)
> - I'd then use Redboot to write the application to flash
> - I had planned to create a startup script with a "go" command w/a
> delay.
> - If the user needs to reprogram the application, he'll reboot,
> abort the startup script "go" command and write the application
> to flash. (Most likely we'll write a small app for this, I just
> recently put together a xmodem, ymodem, zmodem uploader using 
> lrzsz that I'm using from my Java program. 
> http://sources.redhat.com/ml/cygwin/2003-05/msg00740.html )

You will also need to make your own ROM .ldi file since the default
one would place the application code at the same place as RedBoot.

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