[ECOS] Redboot configuration

Peter Graf p.graf@itknet.de
Fri May 16 08:35:00 GMT 2003

At 12:19 15.05.03 -0600, Gary D. Thomas wrote:

>I personally prefer the CLI version, but that's because I prefer those
>sorts of tools.  The GUI tool works just as well.
>I just tried exactly what you're asking for, using the ConfigTool as
>provided with 2.0 and it seemed to do the right thing.  I imported
>a .ecm file which modified these parameters and the appropriate
>changes appeared in the <pkgconf/redboot.h> configuration file.

Thanks a lot. You are right, I can confirm that <pkgconf/redboot.h> is OK
in both cases. I must have a completely different problem, which may be
down to the fact that I do not yet have a flash driver. Must be something
target-specific. I think I can work around this.

All the best

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