[ECOS] Does eCos supports chained interrupt?

Zi Zhou zzhou@3upsystems.com
Thu May 15 01:13:00 GMT 2003


I am wondering if eCos supports chained interrupt. I have multiple PCI devices
connected to the same interrupt line - in my case, I use MIPS CPU and all the
PCI devices is connected to interrupt 4. These PCI devices share the same ISR &
driver code. It would be easier if when interrupt happens, ISR will be invoked
for each PCI device and if the interrupt does not come from this device, the
ISR will return and the same ISR will be invoked for the next device, until all
the devices are serviced.  If eCos doesn't support this, can someone point me
to a solution that basically do the same thing with minor changes to existing
eCos API? btw,  I am not using DSR right now.



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