[ECOS] problem with redboot

Alessandro GARDICH gremlin@gremlin.it
Wed May 14 17:22:00 GMT 2003

hi to all 

i have a problem with Redboot,i have a borad with already intalled
RedBoot and there is problem usign that with gdb-5.3 but work fine with
gdb-4.18, probably redboot was compiled with a gcc version
2.9-xscale-010413 (never hear about that) ... 

i'm unable to make gdb-5.3 talk with redboot :(

can be a problem cause of different comunication protocol ??

how i can solve ... 
1) can I setup gdb-5.3 to use an older protocol ? how ? 
i just make a fast search but find nothing about setting the protocol 

2) when i'll have the board definition for ecos what can i do ?

thanks in advance 

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