[ECOS] Re: KS5000 Ethernet Driver Patch

Chris Garry cgarry@sweeneydesign.co.uk
Wed May 14 16:41:00 GMT 2003


The symptoms we saw (on the E7T target) were that RedBoot
would only respond to every other ping from the host PC when
built with arm-elf-gcc ver 3.2.1.  This wasn't a problem with
ver 2.95.2 or when optimisation was turned off.

The problem turned out to be the optimisation in ver 3.2.1 of the
compiler was much improved and consequently showed up the
missing 'volatile' from three definitions in the ethernet driver.


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Subject: KS5000 Ethernet Driver Patch

> Chris,
> On 2003-03-20, you submitted a patch for the KS5000 ethernet driver (file
> ks5000_ether.c).  The Changelog entry only stated:
> Added volatile to *rxReadPointer, *txDonePointer and
> *txWritePointer's definitions.
> I am investigating an ethernet driver bug that may have been fixed by these
> changes.  Can you describe the symptoms/bug that these changes fixed?
> Jay Foster
> jay@systech.com

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