[ECOS] posted dsr may get lost? under CYGIMP_KERNEL_INTERRUPTS_DSRS_TABLE

Brij Bihari Pandey fuzzhead012@yahoo.com
Wed May 14 14:32:00 GMT 2003


In packages/kernel/current/src/int/intr.cxx something caught my attention in
post_dsr function.

     dsr_table[cpu][dsr_table_tail[cpu]++] = this;
     if( dsr_table_tail[cpu] >= CYGNUM_KERNEL_INTERRUPTS_DSRS_TABLE_SIZE )
         dsr_table_tail[cpu] = 0;

The code doesn't seem to be doing check for if the queue is full or not i.e. no
comparison on head and tail before adding new items in the queue.

what if large number of dsr get posted, rather than user being made aware of
the fact that he has to increase the value of
CYGNUM_KERNEL_INTERRUPTS_DSRS_TABLE_SIZE, some of the earlier posted dsr will
be silently overwritten in the table and will get lost.

am i missing anything here?


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