[ECOS] Possible loss of PowerPC mpc8xx Interrupts

Retallack, Mark (Poole) mark.retallack@siemens.com
Wed May 14 12:54:00 GMT 2003

We have found a problem that could cause the loss of edge triggered

The following section of code is from the
\hal\powerpc\mpc8xx\current\include\var_initr.h file, in function

        // SIU interrupt vectors
        cyg_uint32 sipend;

        // When IRQx is configured as an edge interrupt it needs to be
        // cleared. Write to INTx and IRQ/level bits are ignore so
        // it's safe to do always.
        sipend |= (((cyg_uint32) CYGARC_REG_IMM_SIPEND_IRQ0) 
                   >> (vector - CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_SIU_IRQ0));

In the MPC850 user manual, it states that:

	"If an IRQ pin is defined as an edge interrupt, the corresponding
bit being set indicates that a falling edge was detected on the line and are
reset by writing ones to them."

This means that if an edge triggered interrupt comes in just after another
interrupt (while the first interrupt is executing) and the
cyg_hal_interrupt_acknowledge function is called, the second interrupt will
be lost and will nether be serviced.

The HAL_READ_UINT32 will read the SIPEND register which will contain two
bits that are set (one for each interrupt) this will then be written back to
the SIPEND register and will clear both interrupts. 

A better solution could be to use:

        sipend = (((cyg_uint32) CYGARC_REG_IMM_SIPEND_IRQ0) 
                   >> (vector - CYGNUM_HAL_INTERRUPT_SIU_IRQ0));

Is this correct are am I just using the cyg_hal_interrupt_acknowledge

Mark Retallack
Siemens Traffic Controls
Sopers Lane

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