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PHILIP THOBELA philipthobela2@yahoo.com
Sun May 11 19:35:00 GMT 2003


You may be surprise at recieving this mail but i crave your patience to
read through,as this will be of immense financial reward to us all if we cooperate to see the project through.
I am Mr.Philip Thobela,a senior Account Manager (Transfer& Return) with the the Standard Chartered Bank of Ghana. First and foremost i apologise
using this medium in communicating with you in such buisness,this is due to prompt access reposed on it.

For over three years now, an account has been lying dormant with a closing balance of United States Dollars and five hundred thousand(US$7.5M).Our investigation revealed that the account belongs to a Gold
and Mining marchant, Mr Simon who has since died.
Since his death, no one has come forward to claim to this inheretance as none was stated in his dosier/file, hence we decided to reguest your assistance in claiming this inheretance.
Every four years, all banking institutions are obliged to return such money to the coffers of the Treasury of the Central Bank in compliance with the Banking Laws and Guidelines and in my ten years experience at the bank,i have seen many of these cases.
Consequently, after careful and prolong deliberation we decided to seize this once in a life time opportunity to solicit your assistance to lay claims to these inheretance as the benefactor and to enable us transfer
these funds for our own benefit to aviod any suspicion we decided not to use a local national since Mr.Simon was a foreigner so is the beneficiary and i must assure you that it is completely risk free and all necessary documents to effect transfer within days are at desk to expendite the procedure.
If you are interested and willing to assist, pleaase contact me on the above
e-mail address to discuss in details regarding what
information is required of you and your share of these fund as partner
to this transaction.
I will request further assistance as i intend to invest part of my share into a buisness venture immediately.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Philip Thobela

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