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> Hi Fredrik,
> For running any target application (written by you). You need to do the 
> following:
> 1. Build Redboot (ROM start-up configuration) & burn the binary into Flash 
> (at 0x00000000)
> 2. Build the ecos library (RAM start-up configuration)
> 3. Compile your ecos application & link in with the ecos library (use the 
> Makefile under examples as template). This will output the RAM downloadable 
> executable (binary or SREC & ELF).
> 4. Use arm-elf-gdb to load & execute the application.


If you are using your E7T board, RedBoot is written to FLASH address 0x01820000
not 0x00000000.  This is because ARM's bootloader program is left in the FLASH,
and it is actually this which loads RedBoot.

Also you do not need to build RedBoot, a pre built version (for E7T) is available at:

Or see this messge for a version of RedBoot (for E7T) with FLASH programming
support included.


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