[ECOS] Question about using Multi-ICE with eCOS program. Thanks

Qiang Huang jameshq@liverpool.ac.uk
Thu May 8 18:15:00 GMT 2003

Hi all:
   First If I ask question on the wrong mailing list, I am sorry about that
and please forgive me  then just ignore this email.  I did use eCOS and this
question (*I think*) does relate to ecos. My question is: I am using
Multi-ICE to load and run the eCOS program. All the debug output from
"diag_printf( )" function are routed to the serial port(as the virtual
vector setting), is it possible to output the debugging information via the
console of the gdb(console of Insight)? how can I config this to happen in
eCOS? or am I wrong with something?

Thanks a lot.

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