[ECOS] help for a ecos beginner

Andrew Lunn andrew.lunn@ascom.ch
Thu May 8 13:39:00 GMT 2003

I suggest you get hold of the book: 

Embedded Software Development with eCos
Anthony Massa
ISBN: 0130354732

It will give you a lot of background information.

> Here are my queries (I apologise if some of them are stupid)
> 1.	What is a GDB stub and do I need to UU encode it for download to 
> board. And is the stub an image of the components I choose at the build?

GDB stub is what runs on the target. It talks to gdb on the host. eCos
has a stub template, but its not used much now. Instead everyone
installs redboot the bootloader. It contains a stub, but also has many
more features. The installation guide will show you have to install

> 2.	There are two different templates for arm (PID and e7t), which 
> should I use?  There seems to be more information about the PID.

They are targets, not templates. Each target is for a specific board. So, what board do you have? Use that target.

> 4.	How would I go about including my own c program in the build?

You don't. Once you have redboot working, you can then start
developing real applications. You will then need the net template
probably. See the getting started give on the website. It does some
simple programs, hello world etc.


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