[ECOS] help for a ecos beginner

F.T.Nilsson@hw.ac.uk F.T.Nilsson@hw.ac.uk
Thu May 8 13:31:00 GMT 2003

Hi there,

I am a student at Heriot Watt University and I am doing a project, which 
uses eCos. My university recently purchased a copy of eCos and the tools 
from yourself, which have finally given me a break through with the eCos. 
Being a beginner with eCos and Unix has made any progress very hard as I 
wasnÂ’t able to build all the tools properly. Getting my hands on the tools 
from eCoscentric have been really helpful cheers guys (the configuration 
tools is super!). I have some problems though and I have been on line to 
try to gather information but with no luck so I thought I might ask the 
experts some questions.

My project is quite simple all I want to do is to put an operating system 
on to an ARM e7t board (or aeb-1, I have both), maybe do something with the 
Ethernet controller. I want the board to be able to detect data on the 
serial port. I want to run one of my programs using this data. But the most 
important is to get the operating system on the board and have it running 
at boot-up.

Here are my queries (I apologise if some of them are stupid)

1.	What is a GDB stub and do I need to UU encode it for download to 
board. And is the stub an image of the components I choose at the build?
2.	There are two different templates for arm (PID and e7t), which 
should I use?  There seems to be more information about the PID.
3.      when I build a stub and try to download the file to the arm borad 
the hyperterminal shows some progress and thean a lot of xxxxxx and hangs 
up do anyone how to overcome this?
4.	How would I go about including my own c program in the build?

any help in the matter would be much appreciated, or if you could point me 
to some help full information or case studies similar to mine.

Thanks for any help


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