[ECOS] about redboot

Gary D. Thomas gary.thomas@mind.be
Tue May 6 13:04:00 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 21:18, Ben Jam wrote:
> I used the ecos2.0b1,and I have built the RedBoot for my i386 PC platform.
> When I run the RedBoot,I cannt find the 'fconfig' command.How I can get the 
> fconfig command?

The 'fconfig' command is only available if your system has 
[user] programmable FLASH.  We don't provide this in general
because FLASH on systems is often used by the BIOS and we
can't provide a solution which would work "out of the box".

Of course, you can always add such support for your particular
PC - you've got the source!

Gary D. Thomas <gary.thomas@mind.be>

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