[ECOS] Arm E7T board and eCos development

Pierre Habraken Pierre.Habraken@imag.fr
Tue May 6 09:11:00 GMT 2003

I noticed that a significant number of messages sent to the list concern
the Arm Evaluator7T board.
I'd like to get some idea about the kind of development people using
this board are working on (application target, usage context, etc.).
So, I thank in advance anyone who is willing to send a short description
of what she/he is doing with the E7T platform.


PS: For myself and the university where I am teaching, we have been
using the Arm arch. and the E7T for one year as an application support
for several courses such as assembly language and low level software
programming, compiling, introduction to embedded systems, etc. (the
years before, we were using the Sparc arch.). 
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