[ECOS] bug in mips arch code ????

HG henri@broadbandnetdevices.com
Sun May 4 21:25:00 GMT 2003

> > >The i8255x devices don't always obey the datasheets themselves. The
> > >i8255x driver has been worked on a lot to get it to work reliably.
> >
> > on my platform the driver works very reliably for redboot. but when I
> > applications like tftp_get it works reliably as long as the timer
> > does
> > not happen simultaneously to the 82559 interrupt.  (see my post of
> > yesterday)
> > any hints of what to look for???

> You need to find out exactly what happens when you get simultaneous
> interrupts. It is difficult to tell at present whether this is a
> hardware or a software problem.
Whatever is the process that acknowledges the interrupt (its not
stops working (intreq signal stays low)
small file transfers are ok but long ones have more chances for this
event to happen . Apps that use the timer tick by themselves (no irq
produced by networking) are ok


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