[ECOS] [porting] another question

Gary D. Thomas gary.thomas@mind.be
Sun May 4 17:36:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 10:25, Alessandro GARDICH wrote:
> Hi to all again 
> I'm working slowly in porting eCos on a new board,
> I'm reading the chapter 11 "Porting Guide" and i have some questions ...
> 1) There is a 'gerarchical" HAL structure, common, architecture,
> variant, platform, auxiliary HAL. My board is based on a Intel XScale
> PX255. Common HAL are equal for all, Variant HAL is PXA2X0 (PXA250 and
> 255 are the same for me), but what architecture i have to choise : ARM
> or XSCALE ? seem there is a 2 layers architecture :) 
> 2) I understand I have to do the easy porting, only platform porting. 
> Is the Compaq CRL bootldr good as rom monitor to launch RedBoot ?
> so i can start porting RedBoot with RAM startup.

Yes, you can do it this way.  That's how I got the original iPAQ stuff

> 3) I was able to port in a easy way the Compaq booltd from iPaq H3900
> architecture to my board. The "Porting Guide" suggest to start coping an
> already existent platform. The iPaq platform in eCos cover only the
> H3600 version with SA1110 processor, there is also some PXA board but
> quite complex as uE250, with also a PCI bus. Does someone already have a
> iPaq H3900 platform ?

Not to my knowledge.

> or what you suggest to do : start with iPaq cut off few things and
> change also the processor, or start with a complex (uE250) and cut many
> things, but keeping the processor initialization ?

I'd clone the uE250 and then make the appropriate modifications.
If you're trying to get the iPAQ running, you *might* be able to
reuse (or at least copy & change) some of the 3600 code, but I
think the newer devices are so different that little can be reused.

Gary D. Thomas <gary.thomas@mind.be>

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