[ECOS] [porting] another question

Alessandro GARDICH gremlin@gremlin.it
Sun May 4 17:26:00 GMT 2003

Hi to all again 

I'm working slowly in porting eCos on a new board,
I'm reading the chapter 11 "Porting Guide" and i have some questions ...

1) There is a 'gerarchical" HAL structure, common, architecture,
variant, platform, auxiliary HAL. My board is based on a Intel XScale
PX255. Common HAL are equal for all, Variant HAL is PXA2X0 (PXA250 and
255 are the same for me), but what architecture i have to choise : ARM
or XSCALE ? seem there is a 2 layers architecture :) 

2) I understand I have to do the easy porting, only platform porting. 
Is the Compaq CRL bootldr good as rom monitor to launch RedBoot ?
so i can start porting RedBoot with RAM startup.

3) I was able to port in a easy way the Compaq booltd from iPaq H3900
architecture to my board. The "Porting Guide" suggest to start coping an
already existent platform. The iPaq platform in eCos cover only the
H3600 version with SA1110 processor, there is also some PXA board but
quite complex as uE250, with also a PCI bus. Does someone already have a
iPaq H3900 platform ?
or what you suggest to do : start with iPaq cut off few things and
change also the processor, or start with a complex (uE250) and cut many
things, but keeping the processor initialization ?

thanks to all. 

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