[ECOS] port to a custom board based on the ARM E7T

Gary D. Thomas gary.thomas@mind.be
Sun May 4 00:46:00 GMT 2003

On Sat, 2003-05-03 at 17:13, Matt Kober wrote:
> Hi.
> i'm trying to port Redboot to a custom board based on the Samsung S3C4510x01 
> microcontroller. i use the ARM E7T  template as a baseline.
> i got a new template recognized by the config tool and the resulting image works on 
> the E7T board.
> i modified the following files to reflect my new hardware :
> in  hal_platform_ints.h i modyfied: HAL_PLATFORM_RESET_ENTRY
> in  hal_platform_setup.h   i modyfied basically all of the  .long definition but i don't understand 
>      that part           ldr     lr,=33f                                                
>                               ldr     r0,=12f  . are 33f and 12f labels ? if yes, where are these defined?  
> these labels are not the '12'    '33' are they? i'm confused.

Yes.  Label '12f' refers to a local label "12:" which follows
the instruction that uses it.  A reference like '99b' would 
be to a local label '99:' on a previous instruction.  Local
labels are nice because they can be reused and don't pollute
the namespace.

> in   plf_io.h   i defined some new data values.
> in  e7t_misc  i commented out the cache enable macros
> i made some changes to the   mlt_arm_e7t_rom.ldi  / mlt_arm_e7t_ram.ldi   and 
>                                                 mlt_arm_e7t_rom.h   / mlt_arm_e7t_ram.h  .
> do i need to make changes to any other files ? 

Possibly.  You need to make sure that all references (like the
address of your FLASH or RAM or whatever) match your actual

Looking at the porting guide would be a good idea. See:
Also, it's much better to create a new platform HAL by cloning
rather than trying to just change things around.  That way, you
can contribute your work back and also still be able to keep
up with any public changes.

> i did not modify the SECTION commands in the linker script files.
> when i build the image i get 2 warnings concerning the .bss segment :
> BFD: src/redboot_ncs.img: warning: allocated section `.bss' not in segment
> BFD: /ecos-d/workdir/redboot/test2_install/bin/redboot.img: warning: allocated 
>         section `.bss' not in segment
> is that why my redboot image doesn't run ?

Quite possibly.  This error indicates that there isn't enough
RAM in your configuration to run (or build) the program.

Gary D. Thomas <gary.thomas@mind.be>

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