[ECOS] port to a custom board based on the ARM E7T

Matt Kober mattkober@web.de
Sat May 3 23:13:00 GMT 2003

i'm trying to port Redboot to a custom board based on the Samsung S3C4510x01 
microcontroller. i use the ARM E7T  template as a baseline.
i got a new template recognized by the config tool and the resulting image works on 
the E7T board.

i modified the following files to reflect my new hardware :

in  hal_platform_ints.h i modyfied: HAL_PLATFORM_RESET_ENTRY
in  hal_platform_setup.h   i modyfied basically all of the  .long definition but i don't understand 
     that part           ldr     lr,=33f                                                
                              ldr     r0,=12f  . are 33f and 12f labels ? if yes, where are these defined?  
these labels are not the '12'    '33' are they? i'm confused.

in   plf_io.h   i defined some new data values.
in  e7t_misc  i commented out the cache enable macros

i made some changes to the   mlt_arm_e7t_rom.ldi  / mlt_arm_e7t_ram.ldi   and 
                                                mlt_arm_e7t_rom.h   / mlt_arm_e7t_ram.h  .

do i need to make changes to any other files ? 

i did not modify the SECTION commands in the linker script files.
when i build the image i get 2 warnings concerning the .bss segment :

BFD: src/redboot_ncs.img: warning: allocated section `.bss' not in segment
BFD: /ecos-d/workdir/redboot/test2_install/bin/redboot.img: warning: allocated 
        section `.bss' not in segment

is that why my redboot image doesn't run ?


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