[ECOS] Bootloader for ARM integrator board

Mehul Agarwal, Noida mehul@noida.hcltech.com
Fri May 2 04:39:00 GMT 2003


Just one more question .. Is the kernel image of Linux(vmlinux) directly
bootable on the integrator platform or does it necessarily require the
bootloader to do the initialization of the board before the control can
finally jump to vmlinux ?

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Mehul Agarwal, Noida wrote:
> Hi !
> I am new to Linux.
> I want to port a bootloader for ARM integrator board which is based on
> ARM966-ES processor. Can I use the redboot for that purpose ?

You can use redboot as your bootloader yes.

> Also, is ecos
> necessary to be installed in the system where redboot is being built ?

You need to install the eCos environment, but you only build redboot.

 > Also,
> according to my understanding redboot is currently available for ARM7TDMI
> processor. Will it be necessary to port ecos also to ARM 966E-S in order
> that redboot works on ARM966E-S processor ?

Actually it does work on the ARM966E-S processor. Use the integrator_arm9 

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