[ECOS] ecos redboot compile problem.

Beymer, Mike Mike.Beymer@itron.com
Thu May 1 15:38:00 GMT 2003

I've attached my mlt_arm_arm9_innovator_sram.ldi with my
changes to the .data section.

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I was confused by this as well.  I figured I would look into it again after
I finished the USB stuff I'm working on.  Perhaps by then Mike will have
solved all of the problems and I won't have to look at it :-)


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> Beymer, Mike wrote:
> > Patrick,
> >   It appears that the build problem I was experiencing was 
> due to a change 
> > in the memory layout file, mlt_arm_arm9_innovator_sram.ldi. 
> The .data section
> > was set to start at 0x8000, doing an objdump -h of 
> redboot-sram.out the .data
> > section is in sram at 0x20012dd0. After changing the .data 
> section to follow 
> > the .gcc_except_table I started seeing output from the serial port. 
> I was just wondering if there was anything we needed to do to fix our 
> master sources, but it seems that 
> mlt_arm_arm9_innovator_sram.ldi already 
> does this, or am I missing something?
> -=-=-=-=-=-
> ...
>      SECTION_rodata1          (sram, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
>      SECTION_fixup            (sram, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
>      SECTION_gcc_except_table (sram, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
>      SECTION_fixed_vectors    (ram,  0x20,        LMA_EQ_VMA)
>      SECTION_data             (ram,  0x8000, 
> FOLLOWING(.gcc_except_table))
>      SECTION_bss              (ram, ALIGN (0x4), LMA_EQ_VMA)
> ...
> -=-=-=-=-=-
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