[ECOS] Macro that ensures minimum stack size

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Thu May 1 14:05:00 GMT 2003

"David Marqvar (DAM)" <DAM@tt.dk> writes:

> We are developing software that we test on our hardware and with synth eCos.
> Since the minimum stacksizes are different on the two platforms, and we
> don't want bigger stacks than needed, I have created a macro that can be
> used to ensure that the used stack size is above the minimum stack size for
> that hardware.
> Example on use:
> static char stack[CONFIG_MANAGER_STACK_SIZE]; /* space for a 4K stack */
> cyg_thread_create(4, configThread, (cyg_addrword_t) 0,
>                           "Thread 1", (void *) stack, 
>                           CONFIG_MANAGER_STACK_SIZE,
>                           &config_thread, &thread_s);
> Have either of you solved this in another way, or -maybe- this macro could
> be usefull to others.

Personally I just define stack sizes as follows:


The amount of stack needed for an application is usually fairly
independent of the exact architecture. To me this seems a safer
approach than yours, since it guarantees that the app stack space is
always present.

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