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We have been using eCos with MPC 555 for quite some time. Almost 2 years.
a. You definitely need external RAM if you want to do anything significant.
Also you will need it during development.

b. Regarding Flash. The internal flash is definitley sufficient for most
applications. However we ran short when we wanted to put in the networking

c. We had problems with internal flash on some of the chips. We found one
block defective on a couple of chips. We could not make a work around.

d. We only used BDM to download the initial GDB Stubs. After that it was
mainly Serial port and Insight debugger.

Ramana B.V

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	I have been using a MPC555 on a internal product and do have redboot
running... I can get redboot to run with only about 25% usage of the
internal flash.  Ram is another story.  A basic redboot will run, but if you
want to program flashes and have some space to download and debug
programs.... Then you will need more ram....


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Please copy the eCos discussion list for this sort of questions. Others
might benefit from this discussion

On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 21:52, Eddy Lin wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have just started my process of developing for the MPC555. I have read
on eCos web site that you have experience in running eCos on the 555.
Currently, I have a Axiom PB555 eval board with Wiggler BDM. I also have
Cygwin with eCos 2.0b1. I have gotten as far as running 'configtool' for
eCos and building it with a CME555 template. I know there is no PB555
template for the CME555 so I am wondering if you can lend me some help? The
PB555 is basically a MPC555 with no external memory or peripherals. The eval
board only has a BDM interface and a serial interface. The 555 is already
loaded with Axiom's own debug monitor which functions through the serial
>   My questions are:
> 1. From your experience, is eCos too large to function without any 
> external memory? If so, I would go ahead and add additional SRAM and 
> Flash ROM. Ideally, I would like to add external SRAM and Flash anyway 
> since my project will require much more memory than what's internal. 
> But I just need to get started first.

Depends on what you want to do with it. I use redboot with only the internal
resources of the mpc555 all the time and still have plenty of internal flash
left. And since redboot is a minimal eCos app...One of the big advantages of
eCos is its extreme configurability. If your app can run out of ROM, i'd say
that with 500kb of flash and 26k of ram it is certainly doable.Use a ROM
version of redboot for cme555 as a starting base for porting to pb555.  

> 2. Have you ever tried to interface the PB555 through BDM instead of 
> through the serial port? If so, it would help greatly if you can point 
> me to some resources on how to set that up. And if not, what do I need 
> to run it through the serial port? Would I need to load RedBoot or a 
> stub into the internal flash of the chip?

Yep, works like a charm. Never tried it on windows. Notice that gdb
continuously modifies running code in order to insert breakpoints etc. (this
is true with bdm and serial connections) If you want to debug, code should
therefore be running out of ram. Only 26k the mpc555 has can be fairly
limited in this case.

Axiom provides wiggler initialisation files for their products. Check their

> 3. I noticed that in the eCos 2.0beta documenataion that CME555 
> documenatation is missing. Do you have a personal web site or 
> information that you have put up that may be helpful?

Nope, no website, there's only 24hours in a day :-(

Search the ecos-patches mailing list. I posted a patch that makes serial
debugging 100% operational and that adds some documentation. If there is
interest, I can make this patch again against the latest sources in CVS (in
unified format this time :-)

> Thank you so much for your help!
> Regards,
> Eddy Lin

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Before posting, please read the FAQ: http://sources.redhat.com/fom/ecos
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