[ECOS] Re: Improvement to makemakefile script

Daniel Néri dne@mayonnaise.net
Sun Mar 30 15:24:00 GMT 2003

"Koeller, T." <Thomas.Koeller@baslerweb.com> writes:

> Given the fact that 100% of the ecos development is done on either
> cygwin or linux systems,

No, it is not.

> both of which have a bash shell, I really wonder if this kind of
> 'openness' gives us anything in return.  Why not just change '#!
> /bin/sh' to '#! /bin/bash' and enjoy the benefits of a more
> comfortable environment?

Please don't.

None of the BSD machines I use for eCos development has bash
installed. And even if they had, it would under no circumstance be
located under /bin.

There are already too many unnecessarily Linux-centric software
packages out there.


Daniel Neri

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