[ECOS] Problem with building redboot on sh4(se7751)

koji@akane.waseda.jp koji@akane.waseda.jp
Sat Mar 29 09:48:00 GMT 2003


I wanna boot linux on the Hitachi SH4 Solution Engine 
SE7751(HD6417751F167) with RedBoot.

At first I built redboot by ecosconfig with default platform RedBoot 
configuration file. 
The ecos version is 2.0b1.

$ ecosconfig new se7751 redboot
$ ecosconfig import ${ECOS_REPOSITORY}/hal/sh/se7751/VERSION/misc/
$ ecosconfig tree
$ make

and wrote redboot.eprom.srec into flash.

Ready > fl

$ cat redboot_ROM.eprom.srec > /dev/ttyS0 

After that,
It booted from flash,I could'nt see boot message, 
only see
" ++++++++........ "

The serial setting of target board is 38400 8N1.
I set Minicom by same parameters.

So I'd like to know if I need to modify configuration  of building 
redboot or special hardware setting.
Is there anyone who succeed to boot from flash on the se7751 board ?
please give me advice.

Koji Yamamoto

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