[ECOS] Re: Questions about eb40a port

Konstantin Kletschke konsti@ludenkalle.de
Fri Mar 28 22:55:00 GMT 2003

Hi Wilson!

* wkhto@engmail.uwaterloo.ca <wkhto@engmail.uwaterloo.ca> [Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 09:52:58AM -0500]:
> Hi Konsti
> I used the eco2.0 b1 and the tools in the same package to compile my source 
> code. I try that on both Linux and Cygwin, it works!! I don't have external 

Aha, thats good to know :-)

> For the RAM version:

Do you mean internal RAM or potentional attached external RAM?
Well, yes, modifying the ram file for the internal RAM...

> I made some change to the .ldi file and the .h file for the RAM

My question is, did you apply any eb40a patches or are you talking of
of the ecos-2.0b tree?

> I try that and it works!!

Two final Questions and I have much to play @work on monday :-):
What gcc version did you use, is it save to use 3.2.2 or is it more save
to use 2.95.3? Today I switched my arm-elf toolchain to gcc-2.95.3
What commands did you pass two arm-elf-gdb to download the redbbot.elf
to the eb40a? Any enabling or changing of registers or so?

> This morning I try to work on the ROMRAM version, it seems working fine too.

Good Luck!

> For the ROMRAM version, you have to make sure the flash, ram and the data copy 
> section is correct for your eb40a configuration. Take a look at the 
> hal_platform_setup.h file to make sure it matches with your configuration

*gnarf* 1st I am desperately trying to fire up redboot_RAM, then I will
help in the flash part :-)


Kletschke & Uhlig GbR: 

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