[ECOS] RE: never ending debug problem

Westwood, Geoff GWestwood@averyberkel.com
Thu Mar 27 12:28:00 GMT 2003


Re: my gdb-internal-error: longest_local_hex_string_custom: insufficient
space to store result gdb problem

have now proved that the exe I built was ok when debugged using gdb ver
5.2.1 but fails for me because I am using gdb v5.0

I then searched around and found
"ecoscentric-gnutools-powerpc-eabi-1.4-2.cygwin.tar.bz2" from

This contained the 5.3  powerpc-eabi-gdb.exe I copied this exe over my old
powerpc-eabi-gdb.exe file and also copied over the dlls in that folder
I then got into gdb from the cygwin shell, the banner stated 5.3
ecoscentric, so good so far.

Now though when I type target remote I get "no more
processes". If I then type load afterwards I get "You can't do that when
your target is `exec'"

Just as a guess I copied over the rest of the files from the downloaded
powerpc-eabi/bin folder into my redhat..../bin folder. That broke the
compile process then as well as not fixing the debug problem.

Could anyone please explain what you need to do to just update gdb and make
it work? Or alternately point me at a precise link(s) to do a complete
toolset & eCos update. Is there a simple unambiguous document that explains
precisely what to do to install this and make it work ?

	Regards Geoff

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