[ECOS] Re: powerpc simulator as a GDB target in eCos

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Thu Mar 27 02:54:00 GMT 2003

Chen-Chau Chu wrote:
> So I started a new run of the config tool for powerpc
> simulator as a target.  Therefore was a conflict but 
> automatic conflict resolution seems to work.  But the
> "build library" failed.  When I compared the generated 
> header files between the two attempts, I found
> hal_arch.h intends to mimic real hardware when my target
> is 8260 VADS, but hal_arch.h intends to mimic X86 when my
> target is a simulator.  There are also constants defined
> differently bwteen the two sides but following the same
> spirit.  The problem is several data structures used in
> hal_mk_defs.h are not defined at all when the target is
> the simulator.  The build log also suggests a few header
> files have certain macro with different definitions
> (usually between pkgconf and hal)

This doesn't surprise me.

However this is the second time someone has reported a problem with 
hal_mk_defs and hal_arch.h. Hmm.... What cygwin version are you using? I 
wonder if something has broken there.

> I have been search through documentation, FAQ and mailing
> list for several hours but could not find a lead.
> I am too new to eCos to really know my way around.
> So perhaps this is a really trivial problem, but I am 
> running out of clues.
> Either I still have a conguration error, or there is a real issue.
> It seems in general I should have posted a msg similar to this
> one to the ecos-discuss.  But I decided to ask you first
> anyway, and hope you don't get offeneded.

Mails should be sent to the list if you want an answer, and an answer 
isn't guaranteed. Support is something we sell: 

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