[ECOS] ecos timing issue

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Wed Mar 26 10:42:00 GMT 2003

Sathyanarayanan SAMPATHKUMAR <sathyanarayanan.sampathkumar@st.com> writes:

> If , I have mailed at a incorrect forum , then I apologise for the same
> and request for the e-mail id where I should put my question to.
> I was planning to consider eCos for one of our applications.
> Is it possible to know the Context switching time and Interrupt latency
> time of ecos for ARM7/ARM9 platform.

The answer to this depends on things like the CPU clock speed, memory
speed, cache size etc. So it is not possible to give a simple answer
here. There are timings for various platforms, some of which are
ARM7/9, in an appendix of the User Guide. You can find it in the
documentation section of the eCos website.

> 2) I believe that if I have to port the Linux protocols on eCos , then I
> need to have EL/IX layer which will give eCos the required posix
> interface.Where can I get the source code for EL/IX layer which will
> make eCos compatible to Linux ?

EL/IX was a Red Hat initiative to develop a common API set for various
embedded platforms. It never had much support, even within Red Hat,
even from the people who initiated it. Most references to EL/IX have
now been removed from eCos.

The components that provided the EL/IX compatibility layer: the POSIX
library, FILEIO subsystem, the TCP/IP stack etc. are still present,
and can simply be configured in as required. These components
concentrate now on making eCos POSIX compatible, rather than merely
Linux compatible -- Linux is not POSIX compatible in many places. Most
genuinely portable code will work, but anything that is too Linux
specific will need some alteration.

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