[ECOS] RE: A build and a debug question

Westwood, Geoff GWestwood@averyberkel.com
Wed Mar 26 10:28:00 GMT 2003


	I would slightly prefer it if this was kept on the list. "Private" 
	one-to-one support, for eCosCentric is something we charge for, but
we do 
	try and help people to a limited extent on the lists. But on the
	that the discussion is kept there so everyone gets the (potential!) 
	benefit of the resolution.

	Sorry about that. I was having trouble posting to the list from my
work PC. I figured out what the problem was now
	(It doesn't like the html mime option being on)

	>This your own GDB or the prebuilt one?

	A prebuilt one. The startup banner is "GNU gdb 5.0-gnupro-00r1"

	> (gdb) target remote
	> Remote debugging using
	> gdb-internal-error: longest_local_hex_string_custom: insufficient
space to
	> store result

	The fact it happens with new_net implies it's something to do with
	RedBoot/eCos sharing. Have you given the target its own address? You
	allocate both redboot and ecos addresses dynamically.

	This sounds a likely cause. I hadn't given the IP address issue much
thought or investigation at this stage . I had used Redboot to program an
appropriate IP address and subnet mask. I had kind of assumed any network
App will look in the same Flash area and by default use the IP params I had
set via Redboot. Maybe this isn't the way it works, I will go and try and
find some explanation on this in the docs.

			Regards Geoff

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