[ECOS] Questions about eb40a port

wkhto@engmail.uwaterloo.ca wkhto@engmail.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Mar 25 16:34:00 GMT 2003


I am currently working on the eb40a. I have enconuntered some problems when I 
try to build a flash(ROMRAM) version or a RAM version of redboot.

I created a RAM version of redboot and uses GDB to download the Redboot. It 

After that, I changed the ldi file, the RAM address starts at 0x100. So I can 
use the "SRAM downloader" and the "bincom" program from the at91 package to 
download the binary image, but the redboot did not start. 

I have some questions regarding this problem:
1) What changes do I need to make to the ldi file if I want to create a 
   binary image without GDB support.

2) When I created a ROMRAM version and downloaded the binary image to the  
   flash, it does not work either. What changes I need to made to the source  
   code, so that I can create a (flash)ROMRAM version?

Thanks for your help


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