[ECOS] running tests - PC

Larry Harmon harmon@hrdcorp.com
Tue Mar 25 16:18:00 GMT 2003

I am attempting to run the ecos tests for the PC platform to validate my
build of eCos.
I am using an off the shelf motherboard (ECS k7SOM+) with a Intel 82559
based ethernet board as my target.
The target processor is an AMD 1400.  The target system has a floppy drive
and motherboard video

My development system is running Windows XP, SP1.
I have a null modem cable connected between the target and development
systems (COM1 on both).
Both systems are connected, via ethernet, to a cable modem router.

I am running redboot built from the PC/redboot template.  I have assigned
the target IP address as
I am testing the PC/default template build, with hardware serial drivers

After running a couple dozzen tests I notice most are not passing.  What am
I doing wrong?

I've attached the output from the tests!


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