[ECOS] Re: Porting RedBoot to NEC V850 platform

savin.zlobec@email.si savin.zlobec@email.si
Mon Mar 24 21:01:00 GMT 2003


I was working with NEC startWARE kit some time ago and
managed to get RedBoot working - the only thing was a
strange flash access problem which had something to do
with the platform initialization and DIP switch settings.
I also used a custom made board with the similar type of
flash and NEC V850SB1 and it worked fine.
I would gladely send you the changes I've made, but I'am
currently serving my military civil service :-( and I don't
have the access to my sources from here.

Anyhow here are some main things to do to get RedBoot running on V850:

1. write hal_delay_us function for your platform and define
   the HAL_DELAY_US macro - I used the timer TM1 (the same
   used for hartbeat in ecos) and starting it from 
   cyg_hal_platform_hardware_init (with HAL_CLOCK_INITIALIZE)
   if I was building redboot (CYGPKG_REDBOOT defined)   

2. add the 2ram section in the linker script and create the
   flash device for your platform (look at the arm innovator 
   flash device how to do this) if you wan't to try the flash

3. increase the initial stack to 4K (in vectors.S)
4. add RedBoot build stuff to your platform CDL 

BTW: you could first try to get gdb stub running - its just
     a matter of changing CEB hw initialization and memory layout
     as far as I can remember.



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