[ECOS] --with-gxx-include-dir option

Teo Han Wei thanwei@rfnetech.com
Mon Mar 24 10:32:00 GMT 2003


I know this is a GCC problem, but I thought some of you guys out there might
be able to help. I'm tring to run ecos on my board, and I'm stuck at
building the toolchain.

I am currently trying to build the toolchain for my mipsisa32-elf target, on
a redhat linux machine.

No problems with binutils.

Building GCC though gave me problems when i use the --with-gxx-include-dir
option to configure GCC, as stated in "Building  a toolchain for use with
eCos" under the GCC build instructions. Its either segmentation fault, or
some internal compiler error etc.

I've then removed the  --with-gxx-include-dir option and everything went

My question is , if the option is necessary, and what impact does it have on
my system if I were to remove it?

Thank you in advance.

Teo Han Wei

R&D Firmware & FPGA Engineer
RFNet Technologies Pte Ltd
Unit 106, Innovation Centre,Blk 1
16 Nanyang Drive
Singapore 637722
Email: thanwei@rfnetech.com

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