[ECOS] PC redboot doesn't work for me - 2.0b1

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Mon Mar 24 10:32:00 GMT 2003

"Larry Harmon" <harmon@hrdcorp.com> writes:

> I am unable to make redboot work from the 2.0b1 release.  I am building the
> PC redboot, from the template and importing the redboot_FLOPPY.ecm.  I have
> a standard motherboard with an Intel etherfast card.  A 2.0a release
> works!
> When I to boot the floppy I see on the target pc screen:
> .......BA2!
> Has anyone else been able to run this redboot?

I just built it here and had no problem at all.

The BA2! indicates that there is an error while reading a sector from
the floppy disk. The BA is the error code from the BIOS encoded A=0,
B=1 etc. So this is error 0x10.

I don't have any documentation here for BIOS error codes, so I cannot
help interpret this. However, most errors at this stage are a result
of a corrupt floppy disk -- a damaged sector or a loss of formatting
info. Two things you can try: do a low-level format of the disk, or
just try a different one.

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