[ECOS] RedBoot and eCos application both using the same network port

Chris Garry cgarry@sweeneydesign.co.uk
Sat Mar 22 15:58:00 GMT 2003

>From the archive I believe that RedBoot and eCos may share a network
port if they have different IP addresses assigned.

When I try this on the E7T, the board locks up as soon as the eCos
application begins to run.  What is actually causing the problem is a
line in the ks32c5000 ethernet driver (in the installInterrupts() function)
which writes to the BDMARXPTR register in the ethernet controller.
This breaks things since GDB is already talking to the board through the
network port.

Does the ks32c5000 eth driver need to be updated to prevent this from
happening when RedBoot has already set up the ethernet controller?

Or am I missing something?


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