[ECOS] Vr4131 porting issues

Jurica Baricevic jura@INTESIS.hr
Wed Mar 19 12:47:00 GMT 2003

Nick Garnett wrote:
> That's almost certainly a custom-made version. I don't know how much
> of that code made it back into the public GCC, though.
> Jurica, maybe you should try using a more recent GCC version, 3.2.1
> say, plus the matching binutils and gdb and see if the
> mips64vr4100el-elf target works for you.

Indeed. :-)
I downloaded mipsisa32 binaries
coscentric-gnutools-mipsisa32-elf-1.4-2.cygwin.tar.bz2) and now
Redboot -mpg32 seems to work too.
I have a dumb question: what should MIPS ISA 32 stand for? I am acquainted
with the ISA 1/2/3 - but don't get what should ISA 32 exactly represent.

In addition, tried to build the following GCC 3.2.1 targets, but without
mips64vr4100el-elf (target not supported by gcc)
mips64vr4100-elf (odd problem with newlib)
mips64vr4300-elf (odd problem with newlib. sounds the same as above)

I guess that we missed something - so we'll keep on trying.
In the meantime, we are able to use mipsisa32-elf. :-)


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