[ECOS] Stack access violations in eCos

Erik Aagaard Knudsen EAK@penell.com
Wed Mar 19 11:05:00 GMT 2003

I have on a number of occasions (too many) seen access violations caused by
non word aligned stacks in eCos (stacks are by some strange reason most
often allocated as char arrays in eCos). This problem has also been
mentioned by others a few times on the discuss list. In particular Larice
Robert from whom I have gotten an extensive patch to eCos. I wonder why none
of the eCos developers have responded to this? Or why this  patch has not
been applied to the official eCos repository? To me it seems a very serious
problem, close at rendering eCos unusable. Or is there something I have
misunderstood or overlooked?

I know that most gcc compilers places one dimensional char arrays on 4 byte
boundaries. But this is not the case for multidimensional char arrays (and
there are some of these in eCos). Unfortunately my gcc compiler does not
place any char arrays on 4 byte boundaries. I use the arm-elf tool chain:

gcc version 3.0.2 20010924 (prerelease)
GNU assembler version 2.10.1 (arm-elf) using BFD version 2.10.1
GNU ld version 2.10.1 (with BFD 2.10.1)

This was the official tool chain at the time I loaded my first version of
eCos from the Red Hat homepage. Could that be a problem?

I hope very much to get a response, which can solve this problem for me. Of
course I have the resort of applying Larice Roberts patch to eCos, but I am
not very happy of getting too far away from the official eCos repository.

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