[ECOS] RE: Problem using "go" command

Patrick Doyle wpd@delcomsys.com
Fri Mar 14 19:23:00 GMT 2003

I am not familiar with the RedBoot port to the IXP-425, but, most likely,
you should use the "exec" command instead of the "go" command.  I am
cross-posting this to ecos-discuss where, hopefully, somebody with
experience with the IXP-425 can chime in.

Does the IXP-425 have an MMU? (if you want to run Linux, the 10 sigma answer
is "yes")

Does the RedBoot port enable the MMU? -- if it does, then you must use the
"exec" command to start up Linux.  Linux expects that the MMU is disabled at
startup (see Documentation/arm/booting).  The "exec" command disables the
MMU, sets up the kernel parameters tag table, and then branches to the
kernel entry point.

Note that, even if RedBoot doesn't use the MMU, you will still probably need
to use the "exec" command in order to pass the correct machine ID and tag
table to the kernel.

Perhaps this will help.  Good luck.


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> Subject: Problem using "go" command
> Hello,
> I am using 'Redboot.bin' as the boot loader for IXP-425. I am able to
> download the 'zImage' as well as the 'ramdisk.gz' image to the
> appropriate location. But once I type "go 0x11600000" command from the
> Redboot prompt the system hangs.
> Can anyone suggest what could be the problem.
> Thanks.
> Regadrs.
> Peyush.
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